Bata Superstore

Based on the ACA Winstore link, a custom web design and webshop was developed with the important point, ease of use for mobile users. A good structure for a perfect workflow.



Design, website and workflow

Bata Superstore is a household name in the Brabant region with a large assortment of A-brand shoes for women, men and children.

For Bata Superstore, Minty Media was allowed to conceive and work out the entire picture. We started by working out the wishes and requirements and came up with a good workflow that fits well with the ACA Winstore system in combination with the ACA Winstore link.

After working out the workflow, we developed a custom web design with mobile users in mind. Based on the current corporate identity of Bata Superstore, the design was developed in mobile first and is equipped with all user conveniences. We developed the design into a functional and clear webshop. During the development it was important that Bata Superstore was provided with good filters, sorting options and a clear menu in order to offer the amount of shoes in a good way.


POS system

ACA Winstore linkage

Bata Superstore works with the ACA Winstore Online system. Within this POS system you can link multiple cash registers and store branches together. With our ACA Winstore link, we ensure that the store branches are linked to the web shop in order to make stock, products, customers and more information transparent and workable. During the construction of the new Bata Superstore webshop we made optimal use of our ACA Fashion Software knowledge to make the webshop read and write properly with the ACA Winstore system.


Own Server Hosting

A website with many products and many visitors requires stable and fast web hosting. For Bata Superstore we have chosen our own server hosting. By choosing our own server, the web shop runs without other websites only on one server so that the speed of the server does not have to be divided over multiple websites.

The advantage of having your own server is the scalability. Should the webshop of Bata Superstore start to have a large expansion of products, generate more visitors or offer nice discount offers, the server can easily be expanded.

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